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September 21, 2008 | Filed Under Reviews 

The play’s characters are brought to life by a young but incredibly accomplished cast of actors, each one of whom delivers a knock-out performance. The quality of the acting is so strong that it is hard to single out individuals but particularly impressive are Ben Presley (who brings both humour and pathos to the character of the not-too-bright boy whose only possession of value is his toaster);

Ashley Smith (who gives a heartbreaking performance as a girl struggling to cope with the knowledge that she was neglected and abandoned as a young child by her mother);

Gayle Telfer Stevens (who gives a highly sympathetic performance as the social worker fighting against the odds to care for the teenagers under her supervision while balancing her capacity for caring against her need to distance herself emotionally); and Owen Whitelaw (who gives perhaps the most eye-catching and powerful performance of all as the “damaged” boy whose own emotional scars have made him malevolent and violent but who is still a frightened little boy inside).

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